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Travel Insurance Tips

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Travel insurance can be a valuable asset in case you have an unexpected event occur during the time that you have allotted for your vacation. It can also help decrease your stress level by allowing you to know that if your trip is interrupted, you will not be terribly inconvenienced or lose all of the money that you have spent on non-refundable items. However, before spending money on travel insurance, follow a few basic steps to get the best deal.

Shop Around

When you are discussing your travel arrangements with a travel agent, inquire as to the cost of travel insurance. Check with multiple agents and use price comparison sites to find the best deal. You can also use travel insurance that is not affiliated with your travel agent, the airline or any other company that is involved with your current travel arrangements.

Check the Coverage

Each travel insurance policy is different from the others. Some travel insurance covers the cost of a new flight, while others may simply reimburse you for the ticket if you have to unexpectedly cancel your trip. Other policies cover fees associated with trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage insurance and health coverage. One type of policy may be more affordable than another, but may offer less coverage. Another good idea is to read the fine print of the coverage to find out about any exceptions. Some coverage is only available if you cancel your trip within a specific amount of time from the departure date. Other policies require that you have a medical emergency or death in the family for the policy to be covered. Other policies provide insurance coverage if the United States State Department announces a travel warning. Other policies are only valid if a terrorist attack occurs in the country that you are visiting. You should be aware of any restrictions on coverage before purchasing it since one type of coverage may not be applicable in your case while another policy is more sensible for the particular type of coverage that you want.

Check Your Existing Coverage

If you have certain types of financial instruments or memberships, you may already be covered. Most credit cards will reimburse you for the cost of an airline ticket if you are unable to take your flight. Auto clubs and certain credit cards also offer free travel insurance.

Follow these tips before you get travel insurance to ensure that you get just the right policy.