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Car Rental Insurance Tips

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Renting a car can be quite an event since you need to determine the type of vehicle you want, educate yourself about rates per mile and know exactly what is included in the price you’re paying each day or week. You shouldn’t leave the rental counter or sign the papers without knowing about rental insurance. Before you decide to purchase rental insurance coverage from the company, know the types of coverage and whether or not you are protected by your current policy.

The two most common types of coverage available are collision damage waivers, which are known as CDWs, and loss damage waivers, which are LDWs. The LDW is designed to protect you if the car gets stolen or vandalized while in your possession. Hitting an animal such as a deer may also fall under the types of coverage that the LDW offers. CDW is necessary to cover damages to the car in the event that you get into an accident with another vehicle.

You may also opt to get a coverage add-on in case your original automobile insurance policy doesn’t have enough liability coverage. The extra coverage will make up for any gaps that occur if you do unfortunately get into an accident. If you carry the minimum limits on your current policy you may want to purchase an add-on, especially if the vehicle you’re renting is worth significantly more than your personal car, truck, SUV or van.

You can also decide to purchase PEC or personal effects coverage. It is also known as personal property insurance and will pay for anything that gets lost or stolen from your vehicle during the rental period. Most automobile insurance companies do not have this in their policies.

Before you take a trip and decide to buy any type of rental coverage, whether buying though an outside agency or through the rental company, educate yourself completely about what types of coverage you have through your own automobile insurance company. Your credit card company may also provide their own coverage that you can utilize and apply to the rental car policy if the need comes up while traveling.

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